Our Mission

Viterbi Conversations in Ethics is an educational forum for reasoned, informed, and relevant discussion of engineering ethics. Written, edited, and published by USC Viterbi School of Engineering students, Viterbi Conversations in Ethics will publish exceptional student work and responses, counter-points, and new perspectives from both peers and professionals.


In 2013, Viterbi Conversations in Ethics was conceived at the USC School of Engineering as a way to showcase undergraduate student writing about ethics in the engineering professions and to highlight the important role of ethics in engineering. We in the Engineering Writing Program believe that our students must begin to see themselves as professionals within a larger community of thinkers and writers, and this is an opportunity for these students to enter into the larger professional conversation about ethics and to invite comment from other students and professionals.

Viterbi Conversations in Ethics is funded by the USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s Office of the Dean. Seed money was also provided by the USC Fund for Innovative Undergraduate Teaching.

Core Team

Viterbi Conversation in Ethics’ core team is composed of student editors. Our staff also includes web developers and faculty advisors.

Current Editors-in-Chief

Teagan Ampe

Class of 2021

Teagan is an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Web Technologies and Applications. Outside of class, she enjoys planning events for Women in Computing and the Society of Women Engineers, reading urban fantasy books, and petting cats.

Isabel Brieler

Class of 2022

Isabel is an undergraduate studying Astronautical Engineering. She loves anything space-related and loves to read, work with children, and make music in her free time.

Current Editors

Isabel Yarwood Perez

Class of 2021

Isabel is an undergraduate studying Mechanical Engineering. Outside of class, she is involved in the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Design Team. Additionally, she is a member of the Community Outreach committee in the Society of Women Engineers, where she organizes events for young girls to encourage and empower them to pursue interests in STEM fields.

Tyler Amano-Smerling

Class of 2021

Tyler is an undergraduate studying Computer Science: Games, and her favorite game titles include Breath of the Wild and League of Legends. She loves photography, traveling, and percussion–– she is also a bass drum in the Trojan Marching Band!

Michael Delucia

Class of 2022

Michael DeLucia is an undergraduate studying Computer Science. In the future, he hopes to work at the intersection of Finance and Technology. Outside of class, he enjoys sports, video games, and trading stocks.

Sabrina Sy

Class of 2023

Sabrina is a second-year biomedical engineering student with a minor in gender and sexuality studies. Outside of class, she is a member of the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering, where she serves as a member of their Makeathon planning committee. She is also involved in research in the Cardiorespiratory Sleep Lab and serves as a Virtual Peer Mentor (VPM) for McCarthy Honors College. In her free time, she enjoys playing online trivia games, surfing at Sunset Beach, and dramatically lip-syncing in her room.

Web Developers

Justin Wilford

Class of 2022

Justin is a graduate seeking an MS in computer engineering. After school, he plans on pursuing a career in computer architecture. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, browsing cat memes, and watching anime.

Founding Editors

Naajia Jami, Civil Engineering

Julia Levy, Astronautical Engineering

Former Editors-in-Chief

Isabel Yarwood-Perez, Mechanical Engineering

Brandon Chew, Chemical Engineering

Rachel Longjohn, Computational and Applied Mathematics

Rebecca Thoss, Chemical Engineering

Former Editors

Meera Gorjala, Public Policy and Environmental Studies

Laura Cook, Chemical Engineering

Ayman Siraj, Chemical Engineering

Tsung-Han Stephen Sher, Computer Science

Sharada Rayan, Computer Science and Business Administration

Krishnan Raman, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Anush Kadoyan, Computer Science

Nicole Pay, Mechanical Engineering

Tiarnan McCaffrey, Mechanical Engineering

Huaning “Wendy” Wang, Mechanical Engineering

Georgia Babikian, Biomedical Engineering

Connor Buckley, Computer Science

Former Web Developers

Tuling Zhao, Computer Science and Business Administration

Faculty Advisors

Martha J. Townsend teaches in the Engineering Writing Program at USC and serves as the founding and current Faculty Advisor to Viterbi Conversations in Ethics.