After heaviest storm and rain in Dubai, the flooding in the streets and highways has created some unique scenes.

Flooding in the Desert Caused by Climate Change?

Last week, the Arabian peninsula was hit by unprecedented rainfall, with parts of the desert nation United Arab Emirates receiving 10 inches of rain within 24 hours.
While this extreme weather mimics the patterns climate scientists have long warned about, some wonder if cloud seeding could instead be to blame for the catastrophic storms. However, scientists have debunked that theory, highlighting a public reluctance to believe that the global climate crisis is creating these extreme events. Linking these severe weather events to climate change is the first step to protecting human lives.

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Nasa Astronaut

Engineering Ways to Care for Astronauts’ Mental Health

Amidst plans for space missions designed to establish a stronger human presence in space, concerns rise for the mental health of the astronauts. These astronauts, such as those selected for NASA’s Artemis missions, will embark on trips into deep space that will last months or even years away from Earth’s familiar environment and their loved ones. Since spacecraft tend to have an isolated and confined nature, NASA engineers are devising strategies to safeguard the mental health of their astronauts.

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Rising Tensions in Low Earth Orbit

Recent intelligence suggests that Russia is developing a space-based nuclear weapon designed to attack America’s extensive satellite network. While details are unknown, the weapon is believed to target United States military surveillance and commercial communications satellites. However, there is no immediate threat to the public, as Russia cannot deploy a nuclear weapon in space without breaking an international treaty and damaging all the satellites in low Earth orbit, including their own. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the development, one thing is becoming clear: space may serve as an international battleground in the near future.

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NASA’s “Asteroid Autumn” Reveals the Future of the Space Industry

This “Asteroid Autumn,” NASA has made significant steps forward in three of their asteroid-focused space missions. On September 24, 2023, OSIRIS-REx successfully returned an estimated half-pound sample of asteroid rock. Psyche, launched on October 13, will travel out to examine the metal-rich asteroid 16-Psyche. Finally, on November 1, Lucy flew by her first asteroid out of the twelve along her planned trajectory. These missions highlight the growing interest in identifying and collecting the resources found in space. The economic and political advantages gained from access to space resources will shape the future of the space industry.

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iPad Kids: A Generation in Danger 

People in Silicon Valley tend to be very strict about their children’s screen time because they have insider knowledge of just how addictive and harmful the algorithms they create are. Fed up with these algorithms, 33 general attorneys from 42 different states have come together to sue Meta for endangering children. Excessive screen use perpetuated by such algorithms has serious implications for the children who fall victim to them.

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