Rising Tensions in Low Earth Orbit

Recent intelligence suggests that Russia is developing a space-based nuclear weapon designed to attack America’s extensive satellite network. While details are unknown, the weapon is believed to target United States military surveillance and commercial communications satellites. However, there is no immediate threat to the public, as Russia cannot deploy a nuclear weapon in space without breaking an international treaty and damaging all the satellites in low Earth orbit, including their own. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the development, one thing is becoming clear: space may serve as an international battleground in the near future.

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History’s Forgotten Women in STEM

February 11 was the UN’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Today, women comprise only approximately 28 percent of the world’s STEM workforce. Historically, women have been barred from pursuing careers in science, and those passionate enough to do so anyway were often overlooked and ignored in favor of their male counterparts. This article shines a light on some of the forgotten women who achieved significant breakthroughs in their field.

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UT Austin Engineers Tackle Water Scarcity  

Water scarcity is an issue that impacts people all around the world. Thankfully, engineers at the University of Texas have created a device to combat it. They created a bio-based nanofiber hydrogel filter (BNHF) that is cheap, accessible, and has the potential to bring clean water to people all over the world.

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The Legacy of NASA’s Ingenuity

After three successful years, the Mars helicopter Ingenuity has just taken its last flight. During a landing, a brief loss of communication with the chopper occurred, only for the vehicle to resume communications the next day with a damaged rotor blade. Being the first helicopter to operate on another planet, Ingenuity is a trailblazer in more ways than one. However, budgetary constraints leave the future of additional Marscopter missions up in the air.

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