Photos of over sea cloud at sunset

Spraying the Bay: A Controversy 

Geoengineers at the University of Washington may have discovered a way to lower regional temperatures through the use of artificial marine cloud brightening (MCB). The team settled down in Alemade, California to start test runs of their project in early April. However, a lack of transparency on their part may get their research shut down.

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Picture of Astronaut in space

Houston, We Have a Problem

Starliner’s long-awaited Crew Flight Test will finally happen on May 6. Starliner is the Boeing-produced capsule that will hold the astronauts on their journey to the International Space Station. Although the launch date is set in stone, the constant malfunctions that have plagued Starliner and Boeing’s declining credibility indicate that a further delay would be the safest thing to do to ensure the crew’s safety.

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Image of Construction Workers

Fighting for our Latino Migrant Workers after Baltimore’s Bridge Collapse

Tragedy struck on the night of March 26 when the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore came tumbling down. The collapse occurred after a large container ship, the Dali, collided with the bridge. However, the collapse was far from the most heartbreaking news of the event; Six men who had been working on the bridge when it fell lost their lives. The six men, Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, Miguel Luna, Maynor Yassir Suazo Sandoval, Carlos Hernandez, Dorlian Castillo Cabrera, and Jose Mynor Lopez, were all migrant workers from Central America. As we remember and honor their lives, their deaths highlight the lack of care in the construction industry when it comes to protecting Latino migrant workers.

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Alabama Supreme Court Puts IVF at Risk 

Last month, the Alabama Supreme Court granted personhood to in vitro embryos. This had a disastrous impact, as it allowed medical professionals to be criminally charged for damage or destruction of embryos during the IVF process. Although Alabama legislators were quick to pass laws protecting medical professionals, the precedent has left an unstable future for the rights and autonomy of IVF patients.

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UT Austin Engineers Tackle Water Scarcity  

Water scarcity is an issue that impacts people all around the world. Thankfully, engineers at the University of Texas have created a device to combat it. They created a bio-based nanofiber hydrogel filter (BNHF) that is cheap, accessible, and has the potential to bring clean water to people all over the world.

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To GEH or Not to GEH

HIV and AIDS have devastated the lives of millions of people worldwide. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) has completely transformed the reality of those impacted by HIV and AIDS, turning a death sentence into a much longer and healthier life. However, heavy pill burdens, drug resistance, and a lack of equity in current treatment make ART unethical as a long-term, permanent solution. It is up to biomedical engineers to find an ethical way to treat or cure the millions of people impacted by this virus. Genetically engineering humans (GEH) has shown great promise in improving treatment and finding a cure for HIV. If the engineers making these edits follow very thorough and specific guidelines, genetic engineering can be an ethical alternative to ART.

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Vapes Harm More Than Just Their Users

For anyone who has been thinking about quitting vaping, here is some inspiration. Vapes are not just bad for those who use them, they are incredibly harmful to those who have to make them. Vapes require a lithium-ion battery which is made with cobalt. The demand for cobalt has created treacherous and inhumane conditions for miners in Congo where the mineral is present in great abundance.

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 Electric Vehicles May Be Stalling a UAW Deal

Members of the United Automobile Workers (UAW) union have been striking for nearly 3 weeks. As 25,000 Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis (formally Chrysler) employees walk the picket lines, the UAW is busy negotiating wages, job security, and pensions. While automakers feel that workers are asking for too much amidst the companies’ pricey transitions to EV production, EV production is what the UAW believes justifies some of their demands.

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McFlurries Aid in the Fight for the Right to Repair

McDonald’s is notorious for their broken McFlurry machines, though the reason behind their malfunctioning is surprising. The manufacturers of these machines have forbidden McDonald’s from outsourcing repairs, but purposely make their machines fragile because they make millions off of fixing them. This highlights a greater issue in the engineering community: the fight for the right to repair. Consumers should not be forced to turn to original manufacturers to repair their products. Due to its high-profile nature, McFlurry machines may finally push Congress to pass the bill that would secure this right once and for all.

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