Weekly News Profile: Archives

Fall 2020

9/8/2020: The Blurred Line Between Corporate and Governmental Interests

Summer 2020

8/10/2020: When COVID-19 Forces Ugly Decisions

8/3/2020: The Time and Place for Conspiracy

7/27/2020: Explaining Artificially Intelligent Decisions

7/20/2020: Is Reopening Schools Targeting Specific Groups?

7/13/2020: The Reality Behind TikTok’s Privacy Frenzy

7/6/2020: Prioritizing Profit in a Pandemic

7/2/2020: The Difficulties of Distanced Learning

6/29/2020: Revisiting Body Cams: Holding Police More Accountable

6/22/2020: The Ethical Cost of COVID-19 Contact Tracing

6/8/2020: Do Black Lives Really Matter To Tech Companies?

6/1/2020: Delivery While We’re in Dire Straits

5/25/2020: Could Controlled Human Infection Be the Solution For COVID-19 Vaccine Development?

Spring 2020

4/27/2020: Anti-Vax Amidst Global Pandemic

4/20/2020: Reopening the Country: When, How, and What’s the Cost?

4/7/2020: Catching Up as the World Moves Online

4/6/2020: Lung Savers, or Lung Destroyers?

3/9/2020: Moonshots: Unrealized Promise and Waning Public Interest

3/2/2020: Fake News, Real Effects

2/24/2020: Facial Recognition in Schools Might Do More Harm than Good

2/17/2020: How an App Developer Broke the 2020 Iowa Caucuses

2/10/2020: How do we Regulate False Medical Claims?

Fall 2019

12/2/2019: Why Don’t We Treat Anxiety Like the Flu?

11/18/2019: The Dangers of Drones

11/11/2019: Sugar Pastilles, “Berlin Wall” Pills, and Duck Liver: Regulating Homeopathic Medicine

11/4/2019: How we Broke the 2-Hour Marathon 50 Years Ahead of Schedule

10/28/2019: How Lab-Grown Brains are Challenging Our Concept of Sentience

10/14/2019: Should we Colonize Mars?

9/30/2019: Ocean Plastics: Who is the Main Contributor?

9/23/2019: How Airlines Could Set the Pace for Sustainable Travel

9/16/2019: How Did the Public Health Crisis Around Vaping Get So Bad?

Spring 2019

4/26/2019: Hiding in Plain Sight

4/19/2019: A Vision for Vision

4/12/2019: Alexa Hears You, and so does Amazon

4/5/2019: Klotho – The Neural Enhancer of the Future?

3/29/2019: Big Tech Pushes Toward Defense. Engineers Push Back.

3/22/2019: Profit or Safety: Boeing’s Preventable Accidents

3/8/2019: Grateful Patient Programs: Doctors as Caregivers and Fundraisers

3/1/2019: Problems with CRISPR: Unintended Brain Enhancement on China’s Gene-edited Twins

2/22/2019: A Relationship Between Injuries and the Development of ALS

2/15/2019: The Need for 5G Cellular Service

2/8/2019: Clean Meat or Lab Meat

2/1/2019: Broadening FBI Databases with your At-Home DNA Tests

1/25/2019: Can AI Replace Doctors? Someone Asked Them

Fall 2018

12/3/2018: Should You Boycott Facebook?

11/16/2018: Conflict Between Machine Learning and Societal Values

11/9/2018: Oversight Over Environmental Gene Editing

10/19/2018: Open Source Genomic Data in Cold Cases

10/12/2019: Training Gender Bias into Resumé Readers